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Your POV

You sat next to Feli on the sofa in the very beautifully decorated lounge. The lounge was large with cream walls and a pale chocolate brown carpet. The sofas were cream with black cushions. Even the lounge had a chandelier. You couldn't help but wonder if every room had a chandelier. You noticed a bright red chair in the corner of the room with a golden cushion. You saw two men, one with blonde hair and blue eyes, the other with short black hair and dark brown eyes, and both men were wearing grey formal suits. They looked oddly familiar to you for some reason.

"___________, this is Ludwig Weillschmidt, and this is Kiku Honda." Feli said cheerily. Kiku bowed his head at you, with Ludwig giving you a stern handshake.

"I believe we have met you before, __________; Kiku and I were exchange students to your school for the 10th grade." Ludwig said, letting go of your hand. You suddenly remember how you were on the welcome committee, and you had to show them around the school for the first two periods.

"Oh! I remember you two now! You two were always with Feli when he was being bullied." You piped, smiling. You heard a small ahem from behind you.

"I'd like it if you didn't flirt when you're dating my cousin, idiota." Ah-lee-che snarled. You turned your head to her and glared at her darkly.

"Can you please try to be nice to her, cugina?" Feli asked tiredly, looking at Ah-lee-che pleadingly.

"Well why should I Feliciano?! This is not her home; you are not her property! She had no right being here!" Ah-lee-che snapped, pointing at you suddenly.

"Aww, is ikkle Alice jealous of Feli's new girlfriend then? Is ikkle Alice scared that Feli doesn't like her anymore?" You asked tauntingly.

"I told you, it's Ah-LEE-che!" Ah-lee-che yelled, cheeks going bright red. You smirked as you saw Ah-lee-che throw a tantrum. You just didn't like her at all. You felt like you could slap her any moment. Kiku and Ludwig looked at Feli.

"Hehe, Kiku, Ludwig, can you just wait in the study please?" Feli asked them. They left without question. Ah-lee-che glared at you darkly.

"_____________, will you please, please, pretty please be nice to my cugina?" Feli begged you, taking your hand into his. You blushed suddenly and looked onto the floor.

"Well, I guess I can; as long as she doesn't act like such a spoilt brat." You added acidly. Ah-lee-che looked as if she wanted to throttle you.

"Well you shouldn't be such a puttana then!" Ah-lee-che hissed at you. Feli looked mortified at her.

"Cugina Alice, come ti permetti!" Feli exclaimed furiously. Ah-lee-che looked taken aback. Then she glared at Feli darkly.

"Fine then, I understand. You'll regret ever being with this stupid merda. If you think this bitch loves you then you can think again! She's a no good manipulative COW!! VAFFANCULO PUTTANA!!" Ah-lee-che screamed at you. She went to slap you in the face, but Feli grabbed her arm before she could hit you. She looked at him with wide eyes. Feli looked at her with dark eyes blazing with fury. You saw Ah-lee-che cower in fear a little as he towered over her darkly. You were actually quite scared of Feli at that moment.

"Andare a dormine… Adesso..." Feli added in a harsh whisper. Ah-lee-che looked at him pleadingly, tears swelling up in her eyes. But then she neatly marched out of the room. Feli rubbed his eyes tiredly.

"Hehe, sorry about that, _____________, Alice and I are usually inseparable. I guess she's gotten too attached to me." Feli said sheepishly. You smiled at Feli and hugged him.

"It's OK. But what did she say that made you flip?" You asked. Feli laughed nervously.

"Err, you don't want to know. But it is getting late. I think you should go to bed." Feli said. You looked at the clock and saw that it was nearly eleven o'clock. Feli kissed you on the lips, twirling a strand of your hair around his finger again. You kissed him back, closing your eyes. You were thrilled that you and Feli were going out, and you could care about stupid little Ah-lee-che. You couldn't stand her even if Feli did ask you to be nice to her.

Feli led you up the stairs and took you to the room where you first woke up.

"Feli, how many guestrooms do you have? This room must be the best guestroom in the house." You asked, looking around the room again. Feli blushed heavily and shuffled his feet.

"Well, err; this is my mama's room." Feli said sheepishly. You felt like banging your head against the wall for being so insensitive. It was bad enough seeing Roma nearly break down in tears, and that you almost used Feli's handmade face cloth by his mom, but now you called her room the guestroom.

"Oh! I'm so sorry Feli! I didn't know that this was Francesca's room-" You gabbled.

"It' OK __- Wait, how do you know mama's name?" Feli asked you curiously. You briefly told him how you saw the photo of her and Lovino, and how Roma told you about her when Feli went out to do whatever he did to that man.

"Veh, I remember a little bit of how Grandpa Roma was really upset about mama. Lovino thinks that it was my fault why she died. I think that's why he hates me so much to be honest." Feli said miserably, looking down onto the floor. You gave Feli a hug that almost threw him off guard, but he hugged you back tightly.

"He doesn't hate you. Maybe he thinks that because she died and you lived was because they didn't try." You suggested, looking at Feli. Feli shrug his shoulders at you, but he did smile at you a bit.

"Grazie, _____________, you always know how to cheer me up." Feli said, kissing your forehead lightly. He bid you goodnight and walked out of the room, but he did blow you a kiss before he left. You blew him a kiss too, but he pretended to catch it and put his hand over his heart romantically.

Fem!Italy's POV

Alice was absolutely furious. That no good little puttana _____________ had changed her sweet little Feli for the worse. He had never yelled at Alice before in her life, in their entire lives. She was expecting him to back away to get Ludwig to help her restrain. But instead he switched his happy mood to his dark mood, on her. She felt as if she was on the verge of tears she was that angry.

"Stupid puttana, thinking she can steal my cugino from me. I'll make her pay for this." Alice snarled to herself.

'I'll make her life a living hell.' Alice thought to herself. She paced around her baby blue and cream bedroom, trying to think of a way to get rid of that little puttana for good. She could drive her away slowly; but then again,_____________ looked as if she wouldn't take no for an answer. She could kill her, it would be quicker; but then Alice would be stuck with cleaning up the evidence. But first, she wanted to apologize to her cugino Feli for being so out of order. Alice walked out of the room and made her way to Zia Francesca's room. She knew that Feli would be in either there, the lounge with Ludwig and Kiku, or his own room. She reached Zia's room and opened the door.

"Feliciano~ are you in here? I just wanted… to…" Alice stopped dead when she saw _____________ wearing Francesca's favourite nightgown, on FRANCESCA'S bed, in FRANCESCA'S room. _____________ stared at Alice with wide and fearful eyes.

Feliciano wasn't the only one with a dark side.
Shit's going dddooooooowwwwwnn

A quick translation of the Italian which I totally did not use Google translater for:

Puttana = bitch
Cugino/a = cousin ("a" is feminine.)
Come ti permetti = How dare you
Vaffanculo puttana = fuck you bitch
Andare a dormine... Adesso... = Bedtime... now...
Zia = aunt
Merda = shit

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Wicked story^^ you are doing an awesome job~
LittleMissSakura Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I've seen a lot of people use Felicia or Valentina for Fem!Italy. But I did some research and Himaruya Hidekazu said he liked the name Alice for Fem!Italy ((although its not her official name w )), so I used Alice instead :3
Silvia-x-Gaara Featured By Owner May 30, 2012
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